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A safe, stress-free environment for learners.


Learning the piano improves creativity, co-ordination and linguistic development especially in the early ages. Under the right teacher, it also develops positive lifelong traits like patience, perseverance and self-confidence.


It's an important journey, and that's why we don't compromise on the quality and experience of our piano lessons.


In addition to providing a safe and stress-free learning environment, our 1-to-1 piano lessons are personalised to every student's needs and interests. We specialise in the narrative-based teaching approach, where we use storytelling to transform the ways our students interpret and relate to music. Our piano lessons are appropriate for all ages.

NJ Studio is an official partner of Steinway Gallery Singapore. Book a trial lesson now.


Music Tasters

For Age 4-6

These piano lessons are designed to stimulate early-age creativity, self-expression and linguistic development in young children. A wide variety of age-appropriate audio/visual materials will be incorporated to nurture an interest in all forms of classical music. Children are given ample opportunities to experiment in the pursuit of developing an artistic personality.

Prelude for Beginners

For Age 7-16

These piano lessons are aimed at building up the student's confidence with playing and performing on the piano in a safe environment. There is continued focus on listening, creativity and self-expression. We also work to improve the student's sense of rhythm and coordination, technical foundation and music literacy before transiting towards formal instruction.

Graded ABRSM Exams

For Grades 1-8

For students working towards an ABRSM exam, piano lessons focus on musicality and playing technique. We work closely with students and parents to set exam objectives. Students can expect assessments and opportunities for performance. As of 2019, our students' distinction rate for ABRSM piano exams stand at 95%.

Adult Learners

For Anyone

It's never too late to start playing the piano or to refresh your piano playing techniques. Our stress-free piano lessons are personalised to the genre interests and playing style of each individual, including contemporary, pop rock and jazz. Formal instruction in classical repertoire is possible and encouraged but not compulsory. 

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