Xiyee, 13

Achieved Grade 3 Distinction in less than 6 months.


Lisa | Ava's Parent

“Nabillah’s passion in music simply shows through her teaching. She knows how to keep children interested in the piano so that it never becomes a chore for them. Under Nabillah’s influence, my Ava isn’t just learning an instrument; she’s learning life lessons that hone her perseverance and help her carry herself more confidently. As a parent, I can see how much Nabillah truly cares for my child. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any family.”

Nazir | Marsya's Parent

“Beyond her qualifications alone, Nabillah has been my daughter's role model for the past 2 years. Marsya is naturally shy, and it really helps that Nabillah knows how to inspire her, bond with her and bring out her best. Thanks to Nabillah's nurturing, Marsya recently became the youngest member to join the Orkestra Melayu Singapura. I can't thank Nabillah enough for her guidance."

Ivan | Student

“Nabillah was my choir instructor in secondary school. I grew up under her guidance and I’m now taking my Grade 8 under her, while also following her footsteps to become a piano teacher. What I like most about Nabillah is that she knows when to be a strict teacher and when to be a good friend. It makes learning under her a much more motivating experience.”

Zhang Li | Steven's Parent

"I like Nabillah for her enthusiasm and ability to inspire people. You can feel her passion running through her lessons. She's never failed to motivate Steven with her humour, compassion and encouragement. Even as a parent, it's an enjoyable experience on the occasion I do get to watch her classes. I'm very pleased to have Nabillah guide Steven in his pursuit of music and be his role model."

Vaish | Mrinalini's Parent

"Beyond her credentials, Nabillah is a passionate, dedicated teacher. My daughter Mrinalini, who's currently working towards her Grade 7, thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to each piano lesson. From what I can tell, Nabillah brings out the best in her students because she can cultivate in them a genuine joy in learning. She is also full of positivity that's absolutely infectious. An all-around wonderful human with a big heart!"



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